Logan Forsythe, IF - LA Dodgers

Logan Forsythe left yesterdays game against the Arizona Diamondbacks with "right shoulder discomfort". Forsythe took over for the injured Justin Turner at 3rd base after Turner sustained a fractured wrist earlier in preseason play. Looking to play more like himself from 2015-16 then last year, Forsythe sustained yet another setback. This is not his first injury as he sustained a left shoulder blade hairline fracture in 2016 and broken right big toe in 2017 as well as a complicated return due to right hamstring tightness. Watching Logan swing and throw, he seems to have upper back tightness which lends him to overuse his shoulder blade to compensate for lack of rotation through his spine. Couple this with the fact that his right sided big toe and hamstring injuries that would cause more tightness through his right side, Logan is facing heavy strain to his shoulder complex. This can lead to a labral tear (due to poor shoulder mechanics) or even a rotator cuff tear. Forsythe is set to have an MRI on his shoulder so we will have a better idea of the damage that has been caused by poor upper quarter mechanics. 


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