Physical Therapy: Evaluation

55 minutes - $150

Detailed assessment, explanation and prognosis on problem area with expert advice on how to address the problem and put you on the road to health!

  Physical Therapy: Full treatment session

55 MINUTES - $100 per session

Full treatment consists of corrective exercise, manual therapy and retraining to body to be more efficient and lower the strain on targeted joints for decreased pain and improved freedom of movement.

 Physical Therapy: Half treatment session

30 MINUTES - $55 per session

Meant for the seasoned patient or someone with heightened body awareness, the half session will be enough for the person looking for a few tweaks and exercise and postural progression along the way.

Physical Therapy: Full Treatment session (package of 10)

850$ (85$ per session)

Best value and bang for your buck.

Bio-mechanical Assessment and exercise prescription

85 minutes - 200$

Includes evaluation, gait/running analysis and exercise prescription. For the person who wants to search every nook and cranny for postural and movement deviations, range of motion restrictions, and strength deficits. Will come out of this session knowing themselves better than they ever thought they would.

running analysis (treadmill)

30 minutes - 65$

For novice to professional runners who want to increase their running form and decrease risk of injury.

Maintenance services