Paul George - The Aftermath (Injury Risk - Low to Medium)

In 2014, Paul George suffered a gruesome compound Tibia and Fibula fracture on his right leg and needed a rod and screws to fixate the leg. Some thought that was the end of his career. But Paul rehabilitated and made an impressive comeback. As daily talks surrounding his possible return home to Los Angeles heat up, I have put together a current  analysis to see whether he will be viable for a long term, injury free career with the Lakers.


1) left low back tightness, most likely to increased weight bearing on left due to right sided injury

2) right hip mobility deficits 

3) imbalanced mechanics (more power and explosiveness off left with push off, uses better footwork off right to compensate)

Synopsis: While Paul George's comeback is remarkable, he has not fully recovered from his right leg injury and displays multiple problems that put him at risk for a right ankle sprain, a left knee injury, left shoulder impingement, right shoulder instability, oblique/abdominal strain, or a low back injury. 


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Note: I have not seen the subject of this article personally in clinic, rather all views and opinions of the author have been made based off of video footage of the athlete. This article is not meant as a diagnosis or a treatment plan.