First to Review

I have been having problems with my shoulder for a number of years and I decided to see Joshua and get his input.  He works at a great place with easy parking that is centrally located.  He did a thorough intake with me and pretty much left no stone unturned.  I am in the health care industry myself, and this was not my first time at the rodeo in regards to seeing a physical therapist.  I always tell people that a good
PT is very hard to find with about 1 in 10 actually knowing what they are doing and doing it well.  Joshua definitely falls into that 10%.  He is patient and he really cares about what he is doing.  He has that excited about what he does thing as opposed to many PT's that are burned out.  I have been back twice now and my shoulder is already feeling noticeably better.  I will keep coming back to Joshua.

-Christian C.


Joshua is very kind and thorough in his assessment and all the instructions that he gives.  My shoulder and neck pain have improved tremendously because of his care.  I definitely recommend this place.

-Dr. BM


Unquestionably; Josh has made my rehab from lumbar surgery an ongoing success! His professional, caring, and knowledgeable manner both relaxes and encourages progress! Myself being new to extensive rehab, Josh never let me lose track of how much I improved! To anyone going through major rehab sometimes just being reminded where you were and where you are helps tremendously! Mostly Josh has given me pain relieving exercises that are working and I live by! I highly recommend Josh  J.A.M. Sports and ProEx  if your looking to rehab and perform!k

-John C.



In short, I am very impressed by Dr. Mazalian (he insists on Josh). My new nickname for him is the miracle maker. Prior to making my first appointment, I had been going to the gym to get back in shape (I guess that's what turning 30 will do to you).  Every time I went to the gym, I tried to get my cardio in on the treadmill. After only 5 minutes on the treadmill, I could no longer run since my ankles and lower legs would be incredibly sore and that would last for days. Instead, I had to opt for an elliptical machine which still left me a bit sore but not quite as much.

I told Josh about this problem and he recommended I come see him. During my first visit, he clearly explained his thoughts on what was the underlying reason behind my pain and soreness as well as recommended exercises and techniques I could use to prevent the problem in the future. He could have just glossed over the details and handed me a paper with sample exercises and sent me on my way, but he actually seemed excited to explain the details to me so that I was fully aware what was wrong and what needed to be fixed.

Flash forward a few visits and I'm good as new again! I went to the gym the other day and for the first time in years, I was able to run for 60 minutes on the treadmill with little to no soreness afterwards. I went from being unable to go past 5-10 minutes on the treadmill without extreme lingering pain to running for 60 minutes and still being able to work out the next day. All thanks to Josh. Trust him as I did - I guarantee you'll be happy with the results.

-Yosef I.