J.A.M. Stretch - maintenance program for past patients and newcomers who want to stay mobile and pain-free. What differentiates us from the rest is experience. Anyone laying their hands on you is highly trained by a board certified orthopedic physical therapist specialist with a mastery of how a normal joint needs to be, and how to restore it to its true functional capacity. All manual techniques are utilized to keep tissue pliability, free adhesion and scar tissue and allow you to go about your day with relieved tension and lighter "being". Good for the overworked person who needs a de-stresser, the extremely tight individual or person with limited exercise experience (or just doesn't want to break a sweat).

Rate: 35$/half hour



J.A.M. Return To Gym/Sport Program - Whether you want to improve your PR, increase your vertical or get a thorough check on your form in the gym, we can help. Improving strength, speed, and lifting capabilities are one thing. Doing it with correct mechanics and keeping your body healthy is a whole different ball game. Whatever your goals are, we are here to help! Good for the expert gym-goer or the professional athlete who needs a scan of their weaknesses and avoidance patterns and how to squeeze that extra juice out of their bodies.

Rate: 200$/full assessment with recommendations



J.A.M. Monthly Maintenance Program - Reserved for patients who have achieved their goals and full potential through physical therapy, and need a little supervision and guidance with progression and exercise prescription. Good for the average Joe/Josephine with minimal to moderate exercise experience.

Rate: 50$/month